LV Chelsea 1996 limited edition bag

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  1. I like it much better with the dark brown trim.
  2. i like the 1996 version, but I wouldn't take a older bag.
  3. May I ask why you wouldn't take an older bag? It's in mint condition from what I can see.
  4. I'm honestly not a fan at all; I don't think vachetta goes with Damier Ebene. I'd rather have the regular Chelsea, with the dark brown leather.
  5. I like the dark handles of the current model.
  6. I prefer the new Chelsea. I don't really like vachetta on damier print
  7. I don't like the handles with a patina matched to the Damier.
  8. i'd go for the current model with the dark brown handles.
  9. I like the newer version better, too....
  10. I got mine in 1996 but it is the look of the dark ebene handles.
  11. I like the newer one better!
  12. I looooooooooooove everything from the Centenaire edition. :drool: Vachetta + Damier= :love:
  13. I prefer the dark brown on Damier.
  14. I like the older one better...