LV checkbook size wallet...

  1. Anyone have a LV checkbook size wallet (approx 7.5 inch long x 4 inch wide x 1.25 inch thick)?? Do you think it's too big or bulky?
  2. I had the Cerises long zip wallet and I didn't find it bulky at all. I loved it, and now I miss it that it's gone! Here is a picture of it inside my Damier speedy 30 for a size comparison:

  3. I have the porte tresor international which can hold a checkbook and register. I would love to sell it or give it to someone who will love it and get a zippy wallet - and I may do that sometime. Mine is definitely bulky and it's not my favorite. Problem is I don't think it's ever going to stop looking so good and it was so much money that I can bring myself to spend almost $600.00 just to change the style. I love the Cerises one above, and I also like the groom with the red interior. My daughter looked at me and said "you're not actually going to pay over $600.00 to get almost the exact same wallet just cause it has a red stripe and a little man, are you!" I felt about one inch tall and scotched that idea.