LV Check book Cover !!what is the difference

  1. I am planning to purchase a Damier check book question is: the check book with credit cards slots is less expensive than the the style without credit cards holder..
    Is there is difference in the material? Is should cost more for the one with cc holder (which this is 200) and the one without cost 240.

    Please let me know why and which one would you prefer,=.
  2. no i think the material is the same
    get the one that holds more, thats just a bonus at a lower price
  3. the one with the slots for the credit card is actually the pocket agenda. i just got the checkbook holder recently and i compared the two. the one with the slots for your cc's are a bit wider, but they are of the same length. but i agree that its a good buy since its cheaper, i just find that the checkbook holder is a better fit with my checks. also, you have the option to get the side tear checks if you want, not that it would matter =).... also. the logos are vertical on the pocket agenda and they are horizontal on the checkbook holder. hth
  4. oops, i just noticed that you were talking about the damier line, so i dont think the logos would matter.. i have the mono.

  5. lv_shopaholic,

    do you like the checkbook holder? I am planning to get the one with credit cards holder(the pocket agenda). with credit cards inside...does it look bulky?
  6. i love it :heart:... the pocket agenda doesnt seem like its bulky... i guess it all comes down to how OC you are...:graucho:. seriously, i think its a matter of preference, because the pocket agenda holds more, i.e. checkbook and cc's and some bills. its cheaper too. i seriously considered getting the pocket agenda and i spent like 30 mins trying to decide while i have them both in my hands - sa probably was rolling his eyes - but in the end the nitpick in me won... it came down to where the LV was facing. horizontal vs. vertical. the pocket agenda is a good buy:tup:
  7. I'm on the website now trying to decide which one to get!
  8. I only see the simple checkbook on the website, maybe I need to try Eluxury?
  9. This is exactly why I purchased the Mono checkbook holder over the pocket agenda! I guess with Damier, it doesn't I'd suggest going with the pocket agenda- the CC slots would be very useful.