LV Cheaper in Paris?

  1. Hi, everybody! Im going to Paris in the Fall and I heard LV is cheaper there by about $100-200 compared to New York. Can anybody confirm this? Also, I heard they limit you to 2-4 bags? Thanks for the help! :smile:
  2. Yes, LV is cheaper and I don't think there is a limit.:smile:
  3. Heres an example of pricing in 2004 of a Belem PM I had purchased. In the US it was $1,000 before tax. When I had purchased it in Paris it was 700 Euros which was about $854 before the VAT refund which saved me more. In the end I saved about $270.00. Some store limit 2 bags to each person which they keep track by showing you passport but there are several LV boutiques in paris!
  4. Wow, that's not a bad deal!
  5. Yes it is cheaper - I bought a bag and a change purse and it was a few hundred dollars cheaper. As per the limit, I don't think there was one.

    STOCK UP!!!
  6. thanks for the advice everybody! i really want the LV Speedy 30 =) Can't wait to go!
  7. Yeah it is cheaper! Some other countries are too...i got my speedy 30 in switzerland for almost $100! I can't wait to go to france again because last time i went i was like 13...and i wasnt allowed to get LV.
  8. Interesting to know. I've never been to Paris. Good to know info!
  9. OMG $100 for a speedy? well im going to be in paris, italy, prague and england. so i guess ill try to buy it where its the cheapest. doubt ill be going to switzerland though =(
  10. it is limited to purchase two bags/passport in Paris.
  11. $100 for a speedyyyyyyyyy????????????????????????
  12. ^^^^^ WWHhAAAAAATTTT.....!!??!!??!?!? :nuts::party:
  13. huh?????? $100 for a speedy???????????????
  14. $100 for speedy? how long ago was that?
  15. yeah, been in paris few months ago, anywhere in the world, Paris has the cheapest price of LVs(that's a fact!:yes: )I bought a damier speedy 30 for 410 euros without tax refund yet.yup you can save more or less $100 for a speedy. You will really be glad you get to buy it there!
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