LV cheaper in London or in Zurich?!

  1. I totally want to buy a Damier Speedy and I'll go to London in February, so I don't know where to get it. Zurich would also be possible. But which city is cheaper to get a speedy?
  2. That depends on what your "home" currency is. If you are from Euro zone, London would be a good choice as the GBP keeps falling down, down, down to the Euro. (1 Euro is about GBP 1.39).
    The Swiss Franken has been pretty steady as far as I know.
    Regina :rolleyes:
  3. ^ That good to know... but I'm frm Australia/UK.
  4. Hmm... then it probably won't make much of a difference because I think the Australian Dollar is comparable to the US Dollar - and that one is falling as well. So right now I am really happy to live in Europe... or to quote Shakespeare: "All the world's a bargain...!"
  5. I live in Switzerland!
  6. So what would you recommend if you were Dollar based? London or Zuerich?
  7. Oh, I see, you're from Germany!
    Let's talk about it in German, shouldn't we?

    Also du meinst, ich soll nach den Kursschwankungen spekulieren?
    Ich weiss nicht ob da eine grosse Rendite rauskommen würde...

    Ich hab eher gedacht, dass es vielleicht bekannt ist, dass London billiger wäre, so wie bekannt ist, dass Paris die billigste Stadt ist, um LV zu kaufen.
    Werde in diesem Fall am Montag nach Zürich fahren und mir dort die neue Speedy kaufen.

  8. ^ I don't mind. Ich sprechen ein bischen Deutcsh. Aber... I think we are not supposed to do that. Only English here.

  9. I think it looks gorgeous! Especially when you wear it with black clothes!
    I'll post a thread with the new speedy, thanks for your advice!