LV Cheaper in Korea??

  1. Hi everyone,

    I just made a visit to Korea and purchased a Speedy Azur 25 there for $565USD = $600 (at the duty free store).

    I had bought the same one in HK and the store charged me $650 cdn!

    Is Korea normally cheaper? I thought HK was supposed to be cheaper or has there been a price increase and korea hasnt been affected yet?
  2. cheaper compared to where? last time I checked, LV price in korea is about the same as here in the states. LV dutyfree shop prices were about the same as elux.
  3. Well compared to Macau (which is supposed to be really close to HK its off by a few dollars). Macau charged me $650 cdn.
    Korea charged me $565 which is approx $600 cdn.
    But the USA elux website says the azur 25 is $595?
  4. hmm my husband bought me mc speedy at a boutique in korea last nov.
    he paid $2090 USD and we got VAT refund of $140 back at the airport.
    so it was like $1950 after tax refund so actually $40 more than elux price.
    sorry I'm not familiar w/macau price bt I always thought lv price in korea was somewhat similar to here in the states. :yes:
  5. Never heard that but for Asia, HK is the cheapest, no tax there
  6. So $565usd is normal price of a speedy 25 then? Thats what i ended up paying in Korea. But either way it was a deal to me since I save Canadian taxes.