LV cheaper in italy or france?

  1. Hi all

    I am planning to get my LV bag soon. My gf wil be at both paris n italy.. can any kind soul advise me if LV is cheaper in italy or in paris??
  2. Paris is the best place to buy LV's!! It's the cheapest!! :yes:
  3. Thanks dearie.. :yes:

    I am deciding to get spontini or batignolles horizontal.. it's such a headache. Can't get both cos I am too broke!!! :cursing:
  4. Yup, France is cheaper.

    As for which bag you should get... definitely the Batignolles Horizontal! It's a cuter bag, IMHO.
  5. How much cheaper is it in France?
  6. When I bought a 550 Euro bag in Italy, it was 540 Euro in Paris.