LV Cheaper in Hawaii

  1. I bought a Manhattan GM :love: Bag and a matching wallet in Maui around Thanksgiving 2005, and I must have saved about $250.00.
    Their price is cheaper, and by having it mailed to me here in the the mainland, I saved on taxes as well! I only have to pay $20 in shipping charges. Just an FYI...[​IMG]
  2. Is this really true? I've heard that it's cheaper in Hawaii but I don't know anyone who's ever bought from the Hawaii store. Can I see your sales reciept? Hehe.
  3. Yep, the LV prices in Hawaii are 3% cheaper. The stores can do over the phone orders, if you want to save money.
  4. I will have to keep that in mind.
  5. yes, you can order over the phone as long as they have your previous records that you bought from them. I always have to remind my boyfriend about it!!! :smile:
    The Maui LV store also gave us a copy of their catalogue which I can order from anytime. I also receive mailers from them. So, far there really isn't any LV bags that interests me after my Manhattan GM.

    I been frequently snooping around the SF LV store checking out for new styles, but no avail.... They finally got some of this Manhattan GM. They were on back orders for a while around Christmas time.
  6. ooooh! i'm going to Maui next week for my honeymoon...where is LV located? so i have to buy something in peron from them before i can do the shipping? how does it work?
  7. good to know. thanks for the tip!
  8. I can vouch for this as well ~ I've ordered several things from Honolulu LV and saved quite a bit.
  9. I have a college roommate there that I may have go buy something in my name so I can order from there. I noticed LV france is cheaper as well.
  10. I was just in Maui a few weeks ago and purchased a LV epi wallet and card holder at the Louis Vuitton Store. It is in the Whalers Village shopping center, next to the Sheraton. They were extremely nice, great to work with and the taxes are a lot less than here, which is a tremendous savings!
  11. In Maui, there is also a boutique in the Shops of Wailea and they are open pretty late till 11pm, I think?

    From my experience, only certain bags are priced cheaper, although the SA's will tell you they are the same price as the mainland. I got my Epi Jasmin there and it cost the same as in the States.

    But Hawaii sales tax is only 4%, and my SA did say that if I call her to order a bag, she can send it to me tax-free.
  12. P.S. Hawaii also has a stricter return policy. No refunds, but you can exchange within 14 days.
  13. Ooh, Thats good to know! You have to purchase in person first though?
  14. The LV shop in MAui is at the Whaler's Village.
    There is also one at the Grand Waiilea side.

    You won't miss it!

    Good luck!
  15. If you actually change your mind, you can return it in any LV store in the mainland.