LV cheaper in Greece?

  1. Does anyone know if LV is cheaper in Greece compared to US?
  2. yes. look up the french price and then add about 5-7%
  3. What about Venice, Italy? I'm going to both Athens, Greece and Venice, Italy and they both have LV, where do you think it's cheaper, Athens or Venice?
  4. I don't know about Athens...

    But when I was in Venice the Euro was worth more than the dollar, which made it more expensive. Dunno what the exchange rates are now though... But I'm willing to bet you're better off buying your purse in the US.
  5. I would think that Greece would be more expensive than the U.S. Everything in Greece is more expensive especially with the euro now! You can expect to pay 40.00 for a box of tide (not that you would buy detergent on your holiday!)
    I'm going to Athens next summer and LVwill be one of the first places I visit (I have already been to the Parthanon)
    Have fun!