LV cheaper in australia or in hong kong/china

  1. hey girls was wondering if you can help me out.
    im planning on buying a handbag but im going overseas at the end of the year.
    should i buy it in australia and claim back the tax at the airport or should i buy it while im in hong kong/china.

    and if i should buy it while im there, is it cheaper to buy in hong kong or in china.
    im thinking of getting the damier azur speedy 30.

  2. i've heard that Dubai is where the designer items are really cheap. but going there is really expensive, i think.
  3. Bags in HK are priced according to popularity but majority will be slightly cheaper than Australia.

    I've read around the forum that China costs more than HK with the exception of Macau? I dont know this for a fact thou.
  4. I can definitely tell you that LV in mainland China is more expensive than Australia. Australian price is more expensive than HK price.
  5. I'm pretty sure HK is the cheapest when it comes to Asia/Oceana region
  6. I was wondering the exact same thing too! I'll be going to HK and Australia in a month and I'm saving my money to get some purses. I'm lusting over a Beverly!