LV charms pochette

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  1. I just got this from elux today. Not sure if i want to keep it. What do you ladies think? Keep? or return?

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  2. Eh, it's all right. Honestly, to me it looks like one of those free bags you get when there's a bonus at the makeup counter :shame: I do like the pochette cles, though, it's nice and small, the print and color aren't too overpowering.
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  3. I have the cles coming, hopefully today. I will give you my "review" when I get it. I have never been much for pochettes because I don't have a lot of use for a bag that small, unless it is a make up bag. ;)
  4. yeah.. i guess you are right..
  5. I love it..I'd keep it. I've been using mine ever since I got it and it's gorgeous..I love the scarf underneath the vinyl. :heart:
  6. Keep it! It's adorable! It's probably one of the best things from the charm line.
  7. WOWZA!! ITs soooooo pretty. I've been waiting for someone to post real pics of their pochette. I would say KEEP IT. Now I can't wait to receive mine.
  8. Superbaby why don't you want to keep it?
  9. I love it!
  10. It's a cute bag. If it wasn't too expensive I'd keep it.
  11. Coz i bought 4 bags this month. TW cream, 1 Balenciaga rouge, 1 pink denim neo speedy and 1 pink denim baggy pm.

    I feel guilty for buying this.
  12. The bag looks pretty in the picture tho, you can keep it as a collection, but I think I like the denims better. Maybe you can try this bag and carry it around and see. Let us know you going to keep or not.
  13. It think it's really cute, but not as fancy as I wanted it to be seeing it from the elux pics. The color seems fun for Spring/Summer though.
  14. If you dont want it I'll buy it from you :smile:
  15. You should feel guilty....................NOT!!!

    Its super cute. Enjoy it!