LV changed their IPhone6+ Folio Cases

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  1. Hi There,

    I just came back from our local LV in Munich, Germany. I wanted to get my IPhone Folio repaired. I bought it in November last year and the leather-part in the middle (inside, corrugated, where you fold it) got a huge crack.

    My SA offered me a new case, so i think it is a common problem. I got a new case, but i noticed the case is a little different then the old one. The Inside where the iphone sticks, and the middle part is now a untreaten leather. It feels like buckskin?? The Pictures on the website are the same as my first folio.

    Rest is the same. Not sure if i like it :sad::sad::sad::sad:

    Did you ever had problems with your folios??

    Greetings from Munich,
  2. OH! Can you show a photo of the new folio?

    I bought mine in early March and is still looking good... No cracks so far for me and I use it all day, errrryday.
  3. Ohhhhh your new one looks better!! I like it more! Now I wish mine were that style haha.

    Blue is a lovely color. I got mine in pink!

    Anyway, you are very sweet! Take care! I would love to visit Munich one day (preferably during Oktoberfest hahahaha!)
  4. I think I like this new style better too!
  5. I love these I'm really hoping for one for iPhone 6 se.