LV & Chanel collectors, need your input ASAP!


Tough Choice!

  1. Chanel Padded Envelope (grey)

  2. LV Suhali Lockit PM (black or vernone?)

  3. Chanel Glazed Caviar Hobo (dark brown) pix does do any justice!

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  1. *running in slow motion and waves* I miss TPF! I vanished from TPF for the past few months due to a recent car accident, after long recovery i have NB back again (it was taken away from me b/c i didn't get enough rest when I am on elux and tpf, but what else i can do on a hospital bed?) and am able to catch on w/TPF!

    After long hospital stay and rest at home period, BF decide to cheer me up by purchase a "Get well soon" handbag :shame: I am down to these: Chanel Jumbo Padded Envelope in grey, LV Suhali Lockit PM (black or Verone), and Chanel Glazed Hobo in brown.

    Padded Envelope <--click for link to see pix.
    :tup: : the leather is creamy soft! Rarely do i find a shade of gray as pretty as this one, so it would be my first gray bag, not to mention the unique design that will last seasons! Shoulder or hand held.
    :tdown: : not so casual friendly, a bit hard to use in spring/summer seasons

    Suhali Lockit PM black/verone
    :tup: : elegant design that will also last seasons! Have feet at bottom, roomiest of all 3 choice. Would be my first Suhali. Hand held only-which i don't mind.
    :tdown: : looks a bit too 'mature' if pair w/jeans according to bf's input, more of fall/winter bag than all season.

    Chanel Glazed Calfskin Hobo
    :tup: : Not a hobo fan, but somehow this one seems just right for me, love modern chain, durable material, stay put on shoulder, brown in rich red shades which is different than LV's brown, KWIM? All season bag. Will be first Hobo design bag in collection.
    :tdown: : Casual bag, can't use pursekit=need to dig & fish. bulky look when load up.

    I really need to make up my mind before this Thursday so i can take advantage of Saks' EGC for Chanel. I know this is LV forum, but I trust your taste in handbags, so please vote!
  2. Although I'm loving Chanel more than LV now, I still vote Suhali :yes:
  3. Suhali gets my vote as well... it's so gorgeous!
  4. I am in love with the Caviar Hobo.

    I saw it the other day, and its stunning in person.

    You are right, pictures do not do justice!
  5. although i usually love chanel more, but among all those 3 , i will vote for suhali lockit...
  6. I actually really like the padded envelope Chanel..I think you can make it casual as well. :yes:
  7. Classic Chic:

    I miss Taiwan so much too! Gah, PM me and we can talk all about our home!
  8. Hobo!!!
  9. Of the three I'd go with the Chanel hobo.
  10. I'm not a hobo person either but I like the Hobo best:smile:
  11. Wanted to send you some well-wishes. Hope you are fuly recovered and can enjoy your new bag!!

    Welcome back to TPF!!
  12. I hope you are feeling better!
    I would choose the Verone Suhali. So pretty.
    I am thinking that you are in Texas, right? If so, I think it's a great neutral for the Southern states!
  13. I love the lockit in vernone. Gorgeous color and so different!
  14. Chanel padded envelope gets my vote
  15. :heart::heart::heart:Black Suhali Lockit:heart::heart::heart:

    That would be a fantastic get better gift....
    Glad that you are doing well....and good luck deciding, either choice, it's all GOOD !!