Lv Champs Elysee

  1. Hi guys, i have some kind of freaky question, do you know if Lv in Champs Elysee is on a street named Henry VIII??? an also, what store is located just next to the LV store, not in the avenue, in the side os the streer Henry VIII.. please girl i really need to know that infoo
  2. THE LV store is on the CHAMPS ELYSEE..Thats the name of the road......I was just there a couple weeks ago.
  3. ^ The lv store is on the corner..its GINORMOUS.
  4. I know there is another botique not on Champs Elysees, but maybe just a few steps away on another street on the same side? I forget the street name but it was the one I went to 2 years ago when the Champs store was still under construction:yes: Looking at the LV site, it should be either Montaigne or Saint Germain de Pres.
  5. it's also on avenue georges V
  6. ^I checked googlemaps and I think that was the one I went to :smile:
  7. Yeah exactly avenue georges v, of couse i know lv is located in avenue champs elysee, but it is in one corner, so it's champs elysee with georges v, thanks!, does anybody knows whaa store is located right next to louis vuitton in the side of evenue georges v????? pleaseee