Lv Cerises Speedy On Ebay

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  1. I clicked on the link and I just get "page not responding" from Ebay. I really want to help, since I am the proud owner of this very bag that you like : )
  2. There are sooo many fakes on Ebay, so let me know which listing it is so that I can help you.
  3. I don't know what the problem is with the link but it is auction number 6850877069.
  4. OK. I will take a look.
  5. Real deal. 'Thehuangfamily' is pretty honest about selling the real deal ONLY. They are listed, and from what I have seen from them over the years, they only sell real LV. Believe me, I check every detail. ;)
    The only reason I have not bought from them is that they mark up their stuff so much... but if you want to pay that little extra for authenticity, I say go for it! : ) Has my stamp of approval. : )
  6. I'm with vuittonhammie. It's real just a bit over priced but at least you know it's authentic.
  7. Thank you, the price is up there especially when this bag only cost $1028, but I really love this speedy. I have the sac plat but I still yearn for the speedy. Would you happen to recommend any other ebay sellers?
  8. I own the Cerises Speedy, and let me tell you, nothing--NOTHING can beat the real deal. It is gorgeous, and the cherries are nothing less than stunning. If you see fakes, the cherries look drunk or sick and painted cheaply on. The real beauty of this bag is that it is a head-turner without holes or fringes or whatever craziness comes and goes. The cherries "sing" for themselves, in my opinion. : )
  9. thehuangfamily is actually in question over selling fakes. there is a thread on this board already about that. they also say they are from NY but ship from another country.
  10. Yep, not sure if allowed to post links, but if you go to the "Shoes, purses and fashion accessories" board over at ebay, and look for the thread "Group on Ioffer Bashing MyPoupette Resellers " (it will take you a while as it's a loonnnng thread, but well worth the read) The H family have actually posted (near the end) saying they don't sell fakes. However, they have not addressed the issue of saying they have items in NY, when they actually send them in from Taiwan, which I guess would explain them using the same pictures over and over, rather than pictures of actual bag for sale, as they don't have the bags in hand (as I understand it).

    Good luck!
  11. Because of what's going on with this seller and the authenticity of the bags he sells is in question, I'd stay away. There was another cerises speedy up on eBay, I think by let-trade, who has a good reputation.
  12. I'd go with let-trade too - after that investigation I've lost faith in thehuangfamily. I'd steer clear of it if I were you.
  13. Does anybody remeber the name of the thread where the huang family issue was discussed. I would like to read it. I couldn't get any real results by the search function.