LV Cerises Questions

  1. I just won a Cerises Speedy from mypoupette and I'm so excited! Can any Cerises Speedy owners tell if if they are suppose to come with a lock and key? On the auction and several that I saw, I noticed that there was no lock. Yet, I was an old ebay auction that was deemed authentic list a pic with a lock and 2 keys. I just want to make sure that I know what it should come with. TIA!
  2. They're supposed to, but sometimes, people keep the lock off. Maybe they took it off for the pics?
  3. I have purchased speedy's from LV and Elux and on two occasions they did NOT come with locks. Even the Alma did not come with a lock once. I had to let them know and they sent me one. So, it is supposed to, but not always the case.
  4. Yeah..mine came with one. Also, what I thought was strange was that my mono Ellipse PM came with a lock, but not my mono keepall. So it just depends.
  5. There's suppose to be a key and lock. :smile:
  6. Definitely comes with one
  7. If you won the auction I think you did, she said you only get the bag, the dustbag, and the cards. Many owners sell their lock and key because they never use them and it evetually makes the leaf look funny. Just purchase an extra set if you really want it.
  8. I don't have an answer for you, but congratulations!! That's so exciting. I've been wanting one forever (or at least since last year!!) :lol:
  9. You're buying used... so its whatever is stated in the auction. Maybe when they purchased it there was no lock and key.
  10. The bag did come with lock and keys, but sometimes when eBay sellers sell pre-loved items they don't include them.
  11. Congrats! Nice purchase!
  12. If it doesn't come with the lock call the 866 louis vuitton number and order one. You may even be able to walk in to a boutique and be given one if you ask nicely or have a relationship with an SA. Congrats on your speedy!!