LV cell phone?

  1. Hi all,

    I just spent 2 hours on google researching this but I couldn't find anything about a new LV cell phone. So I'm really glad I found this forum! A friend of mine who works at the LV store in rome told me that there are rumors about a new LV cell phone!!! Has anyone heard about this too? I really would like to know more about it! I just got myself the prada phone but I would love something more exclusive! Does anyone know more about the design of this phone and when it will be available?

  2. If you find it, remember to post the photos and make me drool. Lol :drool:
  3. ohgod. thats the last thing i need to hear. I'm obsessed over my current cell phone enough already!
  4. LV cell phone, that would be so cool.
  5. I could imagine it being $1500+!
  6. or more! LT has a prada phone on his site for $950, so I can only imagine what a brand new LV phone would cost from a boutique!
  7. If they make it the way I would imagine it then yes, it'll be more than 1500. I'd love leather!
    So nobody heard about it?
  8. wow craziness!
  9. I haven't heard of this... I am anxious to see a pic of it though.
  10. ^Same here. I won't be getting it but it sounds fun.