LV cell phone lanyard straps?

  1. does anyone here know if they make them? i want to get a lanyard, but is coach the nicest brand around for that stuff? do any of you gals have designer lanyards on your phones? :smile:
  2. I don't know if LV makes one, Coach does make them. I don't have a designer lanyard, I probably would if I could only get it on!! I have one from Sprint, and it just won't stay on. I wonder, too, if LV makes them.
  3. LV has phone straps in the white or black multicolore and also has a long vachetta phone strap/lanyard called the "japon" for the Japanese market.
  4. I don't think LV makes cell phone lanyards...

    They do however have the Dragonne Cell Phone Strap...
  5. some pics for you!:flowers: :heart: ..well, they are more like cell phone charm...but CUTE!:tender:
    DSCN0604.jpg DSCN3067.jpg DSCN2875.jpg Monogram Inclusion Phone Accessory $220.00.jpg
  6. Here's the pic of the Dragonne Phone Strap... It's on page 213 in the Le Catalogue... ;)

  7. what you can do is use a wapity strap and attach it to a any small key ring which you slide into the little opening on your phone

    theres also a PSP strap which is all vachetta with a yellow string which you can slide into your phone and it makes a handy phone lanyard for your wrist
  8. So cuuute. Do you have the prices?

  9. Monogram Inclusion Phone Accessory$230.00 eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - inclusion phone acc

    i want BERRY one when it comes out! :love: :heart:

    i'm pretty sure multi one is $195.....(sorry if i'm wrong..!) i checked last time i was at LV about a month ago. they only had black though!!:tender:
  10. Wow, very, very expensive for a phone charm/ costs way more than my cell phone :lol:
  11. yea. i got my MC for 175 and it def costs more than my phone itself.. lol.

  12. Hmm, maybe lanyards is not the right word? Eluxury calls them shoulder straps but that's just weird for a phone! But whatever it is, LV has them. :lol:
  13. I think I'd buy one if they made one in the normal monogram.
    However, there'd be a ton of fakes circulating, and it would be hard to tell whether it's real or fake since the monogram surface area is so small :sad: