LV *CAUGHT on Cell Camera*

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  1. I was out last night at one of the hundreds of casinos here in Vegas and while my sister and I were walking around a woman comes around the corner with an absolutely BEAUTIFUL LV Suhali L'Epanoui PM white bag...:nuts::drool: I mean the studs were just glistening like crazy as she walked towards sister and I both gasped at the same time and then my sister said to me.."Gimme your cell! Gimme your cell!"...I'm fumbling through my bag trying to find it and thank goodness the woman with this bag actually stopped to watch someone playing a slot machine so we were able to get a picture of her...:graucho:

    my sister was practically standing right in front of her taking pictures of her bag and I don't think she ever even noticed!

    well here it is..sorry for the blur it is after all a cell phone camera so it's not the best quality...I'm the one in the background with the Chanel pink bag sister said she didn't even notice that she got me in the picture until after she looked at the picture was perfect...2 beautiful bags side by side!:love:

  2. LOL! Love your chanel! That suhali is TDF! :smile:
  3. ooooh. i just love the l'epanoui! hope you're having lots of fun in vegas!!! :smile:
  4. That is too funny! Lvoe the bags!
  5. Lol. I like your Chanel, too. I have it and love it hehe.
  6. =P, a bit freaky, but fun.
  7. Spy Cam! ;)

    The Suhali is beautiful thougH!
  8. oh god that is funny!
  9. Two great bags!!!!!!!!
  10. :hrmm: Yep, that's kinda freaky...
  11. fun, kind of like a "bag stalker" ha ha
  12. 2 beautiful bags!
  13. That girl looks GREAT with that bag!!
  14. Thank you! and yes that Suhali was sure enough TDF!:love:
  15. Actually I live here and see TONS of designer bags all the time:yes: I really only like to get pics of the ones that I absolutely LOVE like the LV Suhali bags!:drool: