LV Catalogues discontinued?

  1. You can move this post if you need to. I wasn't really sure where to post it.

    You guys/gals know the catalogues that LV had that had all the handbags/accessories, etc. in them. The last one I got was dark blue.

    I was told by a SA that they no longer produce these catalogues and that the site replaces them.

    Is this true? How do you find books with all the pictures of the products? Do you have to buy those Japanese books?

    Sorry lots of questions! :nuts:
  2. I hope they are not discontinued.
  3. i recall someone on this forum getting the new catalog for 2007 that is brown cover i think. they said it has a lot of the new styles in it but i personally haven't seen it in real life.

    and yes, i buy alot of those japanese brand books for reference as the pics are in full color and has so much detail. even LV's le catalogues are just illustrations in them and makes it hard to reference in terms of color etc.
  4. Ok- I called 866 and they said that the catalogues are NOT discontinued but they won't be getting any new ones for maybe 3 or 4 months.

    The blue catalogue is the most recent. The brown one is older than that.

    Whew! Now I know and I though I would let you know.
  5. O thanks! I LOVE that catalogue..nothing like staring at LV all day,right!?!

  6. ^^^^^^

    That's funny, its the same line some SA gave me when I asked for the most recent catalog.....I really find it hard to believe they would stop making the catalogs.....
  7. Not everyone has access to the internet. Although I imagine that most people who shop LV would.
  8. Yeah I had heard they were going to because they cost too much to print. I think they were going to make them available for reference in stores but not to customers.
    Glad to hear that's not true.
  9. yes didnt someone in this forum just last week get a new brown catalogue ?? :confused1:
  10. ^thats what i remember too, and she mentioned it had new styles in it that the other one didnt.
    I asked at my store and they told me they wernt printing them anymore because there were so many new things and they were just printing the glossy coloured ones. But i remember seeing pics of the brown one here...
  11. Hi. I got the new 2007 catalogue from my SA as well.. there is the neverfull, marilyn etc..!!
  12. oh good to know! so i guess being in australia ill have to wait another few months before we hear anything about it.. :rolleyes:
  13. In early June, I received a copy of the Gold Le Catalogue from the Sicily, Italy, LV Boutique. It includes the Neverfull.
  14. How do you get one from Italy