LV Catalogs

  1. How much do they run for? I've seen plenty of the 2007 blue catalogs on eBay and am wondering what's he brand new price (or do you even pay for one?) Are they an item that is replicated?

  2. I got mine for free last week from the boutique.
  3. thanks :smile:
  4. Free if you purchase LV stuff from LV store but I hear in USA & Euro, we can call LV to send the latest cat. for $10
  5. In the UK (and I think the rest of Europe but Im not too sure) they are approx $14 :smile:
  6. wowwee zee.... I've seen Le Blue go for 60 bucks on eBay!!

    I am better off just calling huh?
  7. you can also request one from eluxury, its costs 10 dollars or something, they basically will place your order instead of you calling the vuitton number...

    email eluxury and ask.

    i saw one go for 100 dollars on eBay, ridiculous

  8. that is absolutely insane....... people (like me before this thread) must not know!

    Thank you very much all of you!!
  9. I thought the blue was 2006? But yes, you can call 866 and they'll send you one for their flat $10 shipping fee.
  10. yup, you're right....the blue is 2006.
  11. I called 866-VUITTON and got one for free, NO shipping charges either :yahoo:
  12. I always get the catalogues for free and my SA keeps giving me all the catalogues they have in store everytimg i purchase something
  13. 100 :wtf::wtf: The seller looks hope to buy LV small accesories or what after she success sell her $100 LV cat :roflmfao:
  14. i hope to get a new one when i purchase my speedy today!
  15. I got one for free... From the store.