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  1. My mom gave me a LV catalog that someone had given to her - it's brown, 234 pages, and it says Le Catalogue Louis Vuitton... are these worth anything? And how can someone get one of these from LV? I know in one of the other threads, some of you were talking about how you wished LV at least gave catalogs... does anyone have info on them?
  2. LV usually gives them out or you can order one through the 1-866-VUITTON number for around $10 I think. Next time you're in LV, just ask if they have any. I know they run out quickly.

    People do sell them on Ebay......
  3. That catalog is older, the NEWEST one has a blue cover, I doubt you will get much if you sell it
  4. I wasn't really planning on selling it, I was just wondering it it cost anything to get one. However I did see a blue one go for $32 on ebay... crazy.
  5. I've gotten mine for free, but it was an old one. Been waiting for the new one. Is it out worldwide or selected countries only?
  6. i got the new catalogue about 2 weeks ago. just go in the boutique and ask. doesn't cost anything :smile:
  7. I got mine yesterday when I bought my hudson PM. I forgot to ask but luckily my SA put it in the bag.
  8. Yeah, you can get them free at the store or if you call 866-vuitton, they'll send you one as long as you pay the $10 postage.
    They aren't very valuable unfortunately, as the rare lines aren't shown in the book since a new edition isn't produced very often.
  9. I ordered mines yesturday through 866 VUITTON, I paid the $10 postage fee, I can't wait till it arrives!
  10. yes, get it form a store or the 866. DO NOT get it from ebay, because people make a huge :censor: profit from selling them there.

    it's useful to have the Catalogue, but the only problem is that the limited lines aren't in it, and my Catalogue, which is the latest blue-covered one, has discontinued lines like the Monogram Mat in it, and the soon-to-be-discontinued-if-it-hasn't-been-already Mini Monogram
  11. I think Rebecca just said that... :huh:
  12. Lol.
    And has anyone seen if people actually buy them from ebay at the markup?
  13. Hahaha. I think my sister-in-law did. Oh well.
  14. Guess I need to take a trip to my local LV to get one :yes: I wonder if it'll be in Chinese or English?
  15. i have given the LV catalogues in asia and they are all in english.