LV catalog/ it worth the purchase?

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  1. I am thinking about buying one of the LV catalogs,but wanted to know if it is worth the price - $135.00 I believe? Does it give the collection for the whole year of those purses currently being produced? Does it give more than 1 photo of a purse, or is is more of a reference...I haven't seen one before, if anyone could share his/her thoughts I would greatly appreciate it! THANKS!
  2. Well for the yearly catalogs - the ones they have in stores, I have gotten mine for free, but I believe they cost around 10-15 $

    I know the biiig book with the handle outside is around 120 euros when I saw it in Milan - which could be around 135$, I haven't looked in the book, so I would love for someone to explain what that big book contains..
  3. I think your thinking of the hard bound book. The Birth of Modern Luxuries. It is very nice.
  4. The one twinkle mentioned above is a great book! It has so much history and sooooooooo many pictures!
    I spend more than that on a it was worth it to me!
  5. wow. another thing to add to my wish list!!! sounds cool!!!
  6. The Birth of Modern Luxury isn't really like a catalog at all. It is a biography. It is absolutely wonderful!
  7. BML book is more of a coffee table book.. something to flip through.. it's not really something you'd read back to back like a paperback, however, if you're on here like the rest of us, you probably would read it back to back. lol. i haven't even cracked mine open yet.. i bought it while i was in vegas.

    imo, i think it's a great coffee table book and conversation piece/starter. :smile: hehe.
  8. I love the BML book..if you're a true LV fan and want to learn all about the history of the company and the family, etc. it's a great book to have.

    The catalogs, which show the current styles are free when you go in the store.
  9. The $10 dollar catalogs are priceless....get the $20.00 icon book out now instead of the Birth of Modern Luxury!
  10. where do you get the icon book?
  11. At the store, or when you call the 1866 number.
  12. oh yes, get the icon book before they get rid of it.. or the price increases. lol. the BML book will always be around.
  13. I love to have BML but I can't find one w/ a reasonable price now:s . I'd rather save $ to buy a new pochette than buy that book at over $200:sad:
  14. Actually BML is already out of print, so what is left is it. It is already going for more higher than list on amazon.
  15. I just bought this in Moscow in a bookstore, brand new, still in the plastic for ony $75!