LV case that fits a sidekick.. help!

  1. i am going to be getting a sidekick III next week & most of the cases i've seen are ugly. i was wondering if anyone knows of an LV case that would fit the sidekick really well.

    thanks :smile:
  2. I use my tikal pochette


    but the mini pochette fits too little cheaper, more options

  3. you know after reading this thread, i'm surprised that LV hasn't made a case for sidekicks. but anyway the pochette tulum looks cute (maybe too small?).

  4. too small, so is wapity
  5. i didn't even think about that. i'll call the 866 number and ask for the depth.
  6. i called the 866 number & the multicles is definitely too thin.

    i like the florentine clutch.

    the closest LV to me is about 3 hours away, but i will actually be traveling that way in about 2 weeks.. maybe i'll just go in with my sidekick and ask the sa's there. it's so difficult to tell online.

    thanks for all your help :smile:
  7. I think the Pochette Florentine with the belt will suit you best. :smile:
  8. thanks!

    i think so too ;)
  9. The Florentine is so chic. I've got that and the belt, and they are too cute!