LV Cartoon

  1. That's so cool! The panda is so cute!
  2. so cute, thanks for posting, I haven't seen it before
  3. I have never seen it before. That is so very very cute.
  4. aww that is so neat!
  5. Takashi sure has a wild imagination.
  6. Kinda odd- in a cute way.
  7. I saw that a while ago when someone else here saw the DVD for it on eBay and that link was posted. I thought it was a long ad!
  8. Wow! I loved it. It combines two of my favorite things: Japanese animation and Louis Vuitton. That little critter that was sitting on the girl's shoulder was sooooo cute. :love:
  9. Yes, that critter was soooo cute!:love: :lol:
  10. That girl is going through one HUUUUUUUGE acid trip if you ask me!!!!!

    Kinda envious though, not about the acid part but about being surrounded by all those purdy LV doo-hoppers.