LV Carryall and Speedy 40

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  1. Are these similar in size? I have the carryall as a purse right now and it's a tad too large. I love big bags. Is the Speed 40 smaller or about the same size as the Carryall?
  2. The 45 is just a few inches longer and wider than the 40.
  3. Is the "45" considered the Carryall?
  4. No... the 45 is a keepall... the keepalls go from 45 to 60

    Speedies range from 25 to 40...

    The 40 is the PERFECT size... I use one daily
  5. Is the 40 similar to the Carryall? I am using the carryall as a purse but I want want slightly smaller. Do you have pics of you holding your 40?
  6. Yes I do! Lemme find the link....
  7. The main difference between the speedy 40 and the carryall is going to be shape- the speedy is rounder, flexible, and much lighter. The Carryall is more structured and heavy. They're roughly the same size though.
  8. if I already have the carryall, do you recommend me get the speedy 35 or 40?
  9. Thanks for your photos Louis Lover!!! I think I may get the 40. Nice big bag but looks a little smaller than the Carryall. How tall are you? I'm 5'7
  10. Im new to this site...when i log out, and log back in, how do i see the posts i've posted? Do a search?
  11. I am 6'7 I would say get a 40!

    And just click on your profile, and you can select view other posts at the bottom