Lv caring tips

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  1. Yesterday when I read the Irene´s tip about cleaning the handleswith olay, armor all and baby wipes, I thought it wouldbe cool to share tips about how do we take care of our Lv´s (p.s. I clean my wapity strap and mi aunt´s vachetta bracelet with just the baby wipes and it worked perfectly.She´s so silli caring her goodies, imagine she went to six flags with the bracelet and she wanted to go to the water games...)

    Here´s one of the mines, think some of you read it in an past post
    I always carry plastic bags inside my LV bags, the ones that you get in stores... So if it rains you can store them there and you wont worry about a stained vachetta. It also works, at least for me, to save them from thiefs hehe, Mexico is a ver dangerous city so thiefs are just looking for someone to rob.

    Let´s share more tips!
  2. Thank you for the great tip!!! I was cought in the heavy rain once with my MC Alma and still have water spots to show for it!:crybaby:From now on I will keep a plastic bag with me at all times because YOU NEVER KNOW!!!:yes:
  3. I tried mr. clean magic eraser on my 3 years old white MC speedy 30. The handle were dirty, near to black. It removed most of it but the shiny look of my handles is not there anymore.

    I bought Meltonian Leather lotion and lexol to save it from cracking.

    Both were recomended from my SA.
  4. Well, I'm really paranoid, so I try to avoid touching the handles or other vachetta parts with my bare hands. Therefore I always carries my bags around with gloves or tissues or with the arm of my jacket or in the crook of my arm... Of course, I'm quite sure this will change when my bags actually gets patina...
  5. yes it will change. The patin protect from dirt. But in my case the handles were so so dirty. I live in NYC and it's hard to keep things clean. I do my best to wash my hands everytime I can.