LV Care Insert

  1. I'm curious to know when you all bought LV's recently in person, or on the web, did you receive with it a care guide of some sort?? I just bought my first LV last Sunday at the LV Store in San Francisco, and I just realized I don't have anything that tells you how to care for the bag.
  2. I didn't get one w/ my BH.
  3. I didn't get one either.
  4. I got a care insert for both Sweet Mono pendant.:oh:
  5. I don't think you get the care booklet with monogram line.:smile:
  6. The only time I got a care booklet was for multicolore (Wapity) bag.
  7. I didn't get any care booklet for mono, dameir, epi..
  8. I think they only have them for "special" items like the multicolor, cerises, etc.
  9. What kind of LV did you buy? Because mono and damier bags/accessories do not come with care booklets.
  10. I bought a mono Speedy 30. So yeah apparently, it doesn't come with one. Thanks for your feedback everyone!
  11. I don't get such card for my mono and damier bags.
  12. I got a care booklet for the cherry blossom, cerises, denim, charms, and multicolor lines
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