LV Care advice...

  1. Can we start one thread about caring for LV bags (with vachetta) and make it into a sticky? (I know there are many threads, but can we have one official one to make it easier?)

    I realize there are people who feel strongly about never using leather conditioners/cleaners on their LV bags..Yet, there are some people who use products on their bags and swear by it. Someone (can't remember who) was even told by an LV SA that Coach leather cleaner/conditioner was safe. Many use Apple products...

    I have a brand new bag (my only LV) and I'm trying to decide what to do...should I treat it before taking it out? Or should I just leave it alone?

    Everyone, please come in and share what you've done or haven't done, what you've been told by LV SA's and what has/hasn't worked for you. I'm sure it would be greatly appreciated by many here. Thanks!
  2. LV customer service wrote to me:

    Please note that the leather trim and handles on the classic Louis
    Vuitton monogram canvas bags is a natural, untreated cowhide leather.
    This means that the leather will acquire coloration, or patina, as it
    ages naturally. As the leather gains coloration, it also builds a
    natural resistance to stains and scratches.
  3. I don't think you should really treat brand-new vachetta. Let it patina a little, and then start treating it. Leather conditioners are definitely not recommended for brand-new vachetta..since it does add patina. (I use Apple Leather Care to treat my patina'ed vachetta and it works wonderfully...the vachetta always feels smooth and supple after using it) However, if you really want to protect it, use a leather protector...(I use Apple Garde--the non-aerosol version) It does help with water resistance and I've heard that it slows down the patina process. If you do a search in the forum, you'll find tons of tips on how to care for vachetta, plus more products. :smile:
  4. I think a thread on the topic would be a great idea so that we don't have to seach the board forever looking for posts on cleaning, care, etc.

    My question is this: I am aware of the patina and aging of the leather but what is someone buys a pre-owned bag and the handles much darker than the rest of the bag? Did the previous owner try to clean the handles and it turned them dark? Or are they just dirty? I have not had this happen on any of mine. My mom got this and asked me to help her clean the handles and I don't want to make it worse.
    Like this:

  5. Maybe it has something to do with each individual's natural oil...ya know, some of us tend to have oily skin or if you keep reapplying hand lotion and such.
  6. The darker part is from carrying the bag; it's not necessarily dirty and not necessarily because the owner tried to clean it...after your bag has attained an even patina, treating the leather should not darken the vachetta very much afterwards. Most LV bags' handles are darker in the middle where the bag has been carried. Even the vachetta strap on my Recital, which is carried on the shoulder, is a little darker in the middle from being put on the shoulder.
  7. My speedy has super dark handles...I was so frustrated that I used water n a little alcohol to clean the handle....YIKES:wtf: !! It got even darker n worse..the handle became super dry n was a bit flaky. MY BAD:shame:
  8. oh no! I'd be mad if i did that too knn. Is there a conditioner or something you could put on it so that it kind of softens the leather or repairs it?
  9. I think some people just have more sweat and oil glands on their hands. It sounds gross, but that's what contributes to patina. So when you see darkened handles right where the hands would grasp it, it's obviously been sped up by the moisture/body oil. Maybe babywiping it all over will help it catch up.
  10. Oh, no... Many PFers recommend using baby wipes to clean the handles. Maybe you can try that.
  11. You can buy the leather conditioner lotion milk that I use, it's called the "Meltonian leather lotion" cleans, polishes and preserves, it's for leathers, patents, imitation leathers, reptile skins & vinyls.

    It works on pretty much everything. It's a gentle lotion.
  12. The baby wipes work best when the vachetta is already patina'd, and when there is dirt on it. The baby wipes will take the dirt off and just leave the patina. But if you put it on vachetta that is not yet patina'd, it will make it a little darker. That has been my experience.