LV Card Case/Wallet Suggestions for a guy?

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  1. Hi everyone! I'm looking to get a card case/wallet for the times when I go bar hopping. I plan on putting cash, a credit card, and driver's license in the case to keep it slim and thin.

    Took a look at eluxury and found these

    What do you ladies/gents think of these cases for a college male? Thanks for all the comments!
  2. I like the last one.
  3. I like the last one too! It's simple and elegant.
  4. The last one works the best because it is very slim, but you can stuff alot of cards into it. I love using mine when i'm not using a billfold or cles.
  5. Out of those 3, I prefer the last. quick in-and-out action. However, my concern would be if you throw in 2 cards into 1 slot ='s hard enough to get them out when sober :smile:

    My suggestion? The ludlow...incredibly small, compact, sexy and very quick to get in and out of...
  6. You would carry Monogram? I LIKE YOU ALREADY!

    I just bought my boyfriend a Utah Compact Wallet: . I chose something simple for him because I don't think he would carry Monogram (I wish he did) or Damier (I REALLY wish he would carry this -- I have a Damier wallet, so we would match!)

    I haven't given it to him yet, but I'm starting to think it's way too large to fit into his pocket. (We'll just exchange it if that's the case.)

    Ok, sorry to hijack your thread with my babble! I would also vote for the last one for a night out. I think it'll look SO good to take out at a bar!
  7. As always I recomend a vuitton cles. It comes in so many different styles. Also I use an epi leather cles in the color cannelle for bar hoping and such things. You can zip it up so your cards stay safe because you dont want to lose anything in your drunkin state. Its really small and the perect size to put into a jacket pocket or pant pocket.
  8. Seems like the third one gets the votes! Heh, is it rare to see guys carrying monogram? The Ludlow and Cles appear a bit feminine to me, but excellent suggestions nonetheless.

    This is the one I plan on getting:


    Thanks for all the replies!
  9. you may consider damier, taiga and epi version too, i personally like damier and epi the most
  10. I know many guys that carry Mono.
  11. lotta guys carry the monogram.. but it varies in cities/etc.. some (well most actually) guys consider the monogram too flashy (but their red hot bmw or mercedes isn't! lol :P) or too girly to be carrying.

    i have a mono cles and i love it. i think the 'femme' part of it is that it has a zipper.. which i love because i would hate to think that something slipped out otherwise. but the porte cartes is perfect for going out though.. i still want one in damier.
  12. I have the Porte Cartes Simple in Mongoram Canvas. I use it when I go out clubbing and put my ID and CC's inside. I highly recommend it!
  13. My vote goes to the Business Card Holder (second link). My girlfriend actually bought this one cuz she doesn't like carrying big wallets. This slimmer holds a good amount (six to seven cards plus cash) and fits in her back pocket.
  14. the pocket organizer is a great choice