Lv car

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  1. Check this out :lol:

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  2. hahahaha why did they paint that on such a junkie car?
  3. :lol: Pimp My Ride.............gone wrong! :wacko:
  4. That's the most heinous thing I've seen in a looong time and keep in mind that I just saw someone walking through a store w/ the fakest fringed MC LV Speedy with acid-washed jeans. :sick:
  5. Wow.. pretty ghetto fab, although missing the fab by miles and miles.
  6. And 'Hood Rich...although the rich was missed by that much as well :lol:
  7. Too funny !! :lol: I've never heard of 'hood rich', but that's a goodie !!
  8. :lol: wow! I want that! lol jj.
  9. lol!
  10. I'm speechless about logo overload ...
  11. Gag - couldn't they at least have done it to a nicer car? :sick:
  12. btw, this kind of reminds me of how people have the gucci seats :lol:

  13. Vile. Vile in the extreme.

  14. LOL
    There was someone who pimped out their Lime Green like Neon or El Camino in multicolour interior. It looked like Rainbow Brite had too many and decided to drive.

    They're so hilarious bad~!
  15. must be lil' kim's car.