LV Car Interior Arrest

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  1. Lol! Good that interior looks so cheap :sad:
  2. Yeah for the police nabbing the JUNK before it hits the streets and :roflmfao: too funny about the fashion police .. so true!
  3. ^I agree!
  4. YUCK!!! Glad they were arrested!!
  5. So funny they were busted after reporting a theft at the store - who steals fake LV?:confused1:
  6. Very Tacky!!
  7. That's just ludicrous! Glad they got arrested!
  8. My thought exactly!
  9. Yes! That looks horrible.
  10. why would anyone think that looked good? its too tacky for words.
  11. hahah thats funny! stupid lady
  12. Ick...
  14. Glad they got busted though!