LV Capucines BB Black vs Galet color

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  1. Hello,
    Which color do you prefer for Capucines BB - black or galet (both gold hardware) and why?
    C31B0BBC-16FE-41B4-9E0B-819D4246CB3F.jpeg DFF636DD-CAAD-418E-AB9F-E08F8BBE3382.jpeg
  2. I prefer black -- I'd love Galet if it had silver HW - I don't like gold HW w/Galet
  3. Galet for me. :smile:
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  4. Galet :smile:
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  5. Where do you live? In southern California I find light colored bags very popular, but whenever I'm in NYC it's always black. So my answer really depends on your location. :smile::smile::smile:
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  6. I live in Atlanta, Georgia.
  7. I also love the Galet colour. But I would have the same dilemma. Although I love Galet. I always said that if I was on the market for this bag I would get it in this classic colour. But now I don't know. I think for me maybe it comes across a bit more dressy and formal. Which i really dont have that lifestyle anymore. Black would be more versatile can wear it with bit more casual attire. But this bag is so beautiful in the Galet colour. Not a easy choice.
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  8. My dilemma exactly!
    And I am also scared of color transfer.
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  9. Galet just because I love the color.
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  10. I have been looking att these exact same bags, does the galet come with silver HW? I don't remember the SA said.

    I love the galet color but I really don't think the gold compliments it in the best way. :/
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  11. I have the one in galet. It's breathtaking and I get loads of compliment. Was also deciding to go with black at first because it was a safe choice but I decided to follow my heart. Best decision ever :love: 20181013_192832.jpg
  12. Have you noticed aswell that in the Galet colour the bag looks more expensive and high end. Nude pallete tones has that effect even on clothes I think.
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  13. I have only seen it with gold hardware.
  14. Since color Galet makes it such a luxurious and formal looking bag, do you all think it will still work as a crossbody bag?
    I can hand carry for formal occasions, but I carry all my bags crossbody mostly.
  15. That's what I thought. :sad: The gold and pinkish-beige does really not look very good on my complexion. Ugh.
    But it might look beautiful on someone with a warmer complexion!

    I think it is works fine crossbody too! I've tried it on that way too and I liked the look of it, it didn't look "off" at all! But ofc less formal than when hand carried! :smile: It's nice to have different options!
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