Lv caps?

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  1. I wanted to ask u something:

    A few hours ago I was on shopping when I saw a guy wearing an LV cap in monogram canvas. It was cool, but I was wonderong if it was real, bcz I never saw one of that before, and when I go to LV stores I never see any caps.

    Can u tell me if they really make that?
    If they, I´ll run and get one anywhere I can find it they are really cool!!:P
  2. They are majorly fake, you see them all over EBay.
  3. I'm assuming its fake.
  4. Then LV dont make caps?
  5. I don't think Lv has ever made hats- but they do make many scarves!
  6. No.
  7. They are real flashy because i saw a lady with a mc one.
  8. :sick:
  9. I've never seen any LV hat/cap in store before, so I would assumed they are fake. (they are most ugly fakes too).

  10. they have.. driver's caps.. but that's it. i think the SCP store had one on display.. kinda usually how your driver of your limousine has a driving cap.. but that's it. LOL. right cuz everyone gives their limousine driver an LV cap. x_X
  11. Heck no!

  12. I've seen many a bad 5 color MC hat lol.
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