LV Canvas

  1. Hi LV people,

    I have never owned an LV before and I was wondering what the canvas is like. All of my bags Gucci, Marc Jacobs and Prada's are all leather. I do own a coach canvas bag it is not my fav. Anyhow I was wondering does LV canvas feel luxurious and does it stack up to your leather handbags. I was tricked off of ebay so I got a knockoff which I refuse to use because there is nothing worse than a fake looks and feels cheap..they posted different pics. That whole experience turned me off of LV and I ended up supporting Gucci. Now that I have enough Gucci bags I have decided to get an LV from the Louis Vuitton store. I just hope that it meets my expectations in turns of looks and feel. Reading this thread many people are hooked on LV so, the product must be gorgeous. My first bag is going to be a mono canvas either the Manhatten pm or speedy. Right now I am favoring the manhatten because there are so many fake speedy's and I want to carry something a little bit more unique. mind you I think the speedy is stunning and want one has well. If I end up loving canvas I will add to my collection...Just do not know what to expect of looks durable...
  2. the canvas is very durable, and it feels really nice too :yes:
  3. Louis Vuitton canvas is Egyptian cotton which has been coated. It actually feels very supple, and I actually prefer it to leather handbags since it doesn't have such a heavy smell. Hope that helps.
  4. Hi there,

    You own the Manhatten and Speedy 30 what are your thoughts on both bags? Someone mentioned that the Manhatten is heavy and clanky. What has been your experience? Is there decent amount of room in your Manhatten? If you could only have one which one would you rather have and why? Thanks I so want to pick the right bag.
  5. The Canvas is very durable
  6. canvass is so durable and worry-free.;) . check it out at your nearest LV store.. ManHAttan is so0o0o fab:love:
  7. i have both the manhattan pm and speedy 25. the manhattan has structure whereas the speedy doesn't. i don't find the manhattan clunky at all..the hardware is what gives the manhattan it's unique look...looks classy. The speedy is a good 'starter' bag...the speedy is roomier also
  8. I think the best thing to do is take a trip to the closest LV dealer near you and see the bags in person!

    There are different choices in materials and while one person likes one another may prefer something else! It's very subjective. IMO the coated canvas is a bit stiff. I still like it tho!?!

  9. Thank you for sharing. Which bag to you tend to use more? Do you get more compliments with the Manhatten? If you could only pick one which would you go for since you own both it may be easier to pick a favorite.
  10. Thanks but, there is no LV store in my city so I will be ordering it through the Louis Vuitton site and they put me in touch with the closest city that has an LV store. Getting feedback helps because I cannot try it before hand. Also seeing pics helps. I love both so I am thinking of picking out one for right now and then getting another in the future.
  11. Oh I'm sorry. I just meant I feel it's just very difficult IMO to have others judge for me. What bag are you most interested in purchasing?
  12. I have a damier Saleya and I love how the canvas feels. Soft, pliable, and indestructable, not to mention lightweight.
  13. so does owning the speedy make it look like you just own a starter bag too? Probably not, I guess because so many celebs carry them still.

  14. sorry i can't help you..i've only had my speedy 2 months...and manhattan less than 2 weeks..only used it once..yesterday. I don't have a fave...i love them both equally..they are both awesome bags..and they both have their own qualities...
  15. what i meant was the speedy is a great bag to have as a first LV item...can't go wrong...the manhattan and speedy are two very different styles..