lv canvas is ridiculously durable- my bh broke my fall and saved me!!!

  1. a few weeks ago i was walking to the car with my 2 year old in my arms. i thought the driveway was wet from the melting snow, but i didn't realize that there was still ice underneath. just as i reached my car i fell.

    there was no chance to do anything to break my fall, i just clutched my daughter as tightly as i could and the next thing i know we were flat out on the ground. we were fine, and my elbow, which is what hit the ground, was not broken, i swear, ONLY because i landed on my bh. the canvas looks exactly the same, the piping has some scratches but nothing major.

    who knew lv could save ppl??? :yes:

    another reason to enable others to buy lv. :yahoo:
  2. I'm glad you are all OK (that includes your bag)
  3. Aw i'm glad you and your daughter are ok!
  4. *Ouch* Landing on your elbow sounds painful :push: .... good to know LV was there to save ya.

    Glad to hear that your 2 year old daughter was okay as well. *Phew* :sweatdrop:
  5. Louis saves the day! :yes::yes::yes:
  6. Ohhhh thank god you and your kid safe!!!!!then more good news the bag safe toooo. yeahhhhh
  7. Wow .. so glad you and your daughter are OK :smile:
  8. ooohhh ouch and glad you and your daughter are safe. Good ol' Louis :smile:
  9. wow that's a great story, minus you falling with your daughter in your arms - how scary! i'm so glad to hear that you both are boo-boo free!
  10. I am so glad you bought that bag.
    Great reason to buy more LV.:graucho:

    (glad you're all okay!)
  11. Thank goodness you and your daughter are ok!!! Hahaha!! And who knew LV would save you girls hehehehe
  12. Glad the two of you are ok, and your bag too
  13. gosh, I'm glad you and your daughter both are ok. I know how it feels when you fall on ice...
  14. Wow, good story. I'm glad you're ok, and I'll keep my LV handy the next time I'm feeling like an accident might happen ;)
  15. Another reason to give skeptics of ours why we buy LV! I'm always scared of falling when I carry my 3yr old-glad you're all ok!