LV Canvas durability/longevity vs. Gucci Fabric

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  1. OK ladies....which material holds up better and wears nicer: LV Canvas or Gucci fabric?? :shrugs:
  2. sorry but that is too obvious lv canvas of course the gucci fabric may have leather lining but that does not ensure it wont wear away/fray etc. plus stains wipe away from lv while gucci is much much more suseptable to stains
  3. the only thing I dont like is that the LV vachetta is not very resistant to dirt, oil and event water, but or anything but vachetta, I think louis is a little bit better.
  4. NaughtyManolo-- I am so sorry for asking such a stupid question...I only have one LV and no Guccis so I am not an expert.
  5. Couturegrl! no question is stupid! hell i probly ask the most! if you dont ask you wont know and thats what a forum is for asking questions and gaining knowledge i didnt in anyway attempt to demean you by that comment, i just feel passionate about lv i guess! lol
  6. LOL LV is def. my fav. as well. However, the Gucci store is directly across from the LV store at my mall, so I wandered in. My mono Speedy holds up wonderfully, and is soooo worth the value. I was just wondering if Gucci was the same:smile:

    NO ONE can top LV though (unless you want to drop 10k on a Birkin LOL)
  7. Rishin-- I agree! Sometimes I feel silly the lengths I go to to protect the vachetta on my bag! That is why I am thinking of getting a bag from the damier line to use as an everyday bag:smile:
  8. Gucci's coated canvas would last just as long as LV canvas, but LV would last longer than Gucci's fabric uncoated canvas.
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  9. somehow i've had problems with my gucci purses...the threading comes off over time..........
  10. my co-worker mentioned something about this to me!! So now I'm worried about the 2 Gucci's that I have. I think LV would be more durable, definately! :yes:
  11. My vachetta has patina'd so I have no worries carrying it around and stuff. I don't baby it as much anymore, which is great!
  12. I have carried both...I would say LV...and they are not as "dated"...
  13. I would say LV vs the Gucci fabric, very resistant to stains and scratches...unless you get a gucci with coated canvas...although they don't make as many of those as they used too =( I wish they did...
  14. I have a Gucci doctor bag that is 20 years old and still looks like it's almost new. The leather is still gorgeous too. I think it just depends on the bag and how you use it. On the other hand, my LV speedy (which I bought in February) is in getting new leather because it got so dark. I like both.
  15. i prefer LV because they are more resistant to stains. Gucci Fabric is not as resistant. You can actually tell if its collecting dust.