LV Cancun - is it worth a visit?

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  1. Hi all. Anyone been to LV in Cancun. We are currently in Playa del Carmen and contemplating a visit. Been told $200 round trip in a taxi from our hotel so any info on LV and other stores in the shopping centre would be great. Prob won't bother if it's a small store with little stock. Also are the prices based on those in the US? Thanks for your help :smile:
  2. I went years ago and from what I remember it was small. We had a rental car though. Playa is so lovely by comparison to cancun.
  3. Thank you. I was guessing it wouldn't be worth a $200 taxi trip! Maybe if we get a rainy day but your right Playa is soooo nice and I can shop when I'm home :smile:
  4. The prices are the same except there's no tax but you're spending that on a taxi ride. Does your hotel not have a shuttle to Cancun?
  5. thank you. No shuttle, but my partner went to ask our Virgin travel rep this morning who told him it should only be $40 each way to Cancun for a taxi! We are going to go ask again at the taxi place in our hotel perhaps we can find someone who speaks better English. If we go I'll update on prices etc for future searches. Thanks all.
  6. I was there about a year and a half ago. The store was quite large from what I remember. I purchased a Mila pouch/clutch and a key cles and I didn't realize how high the sales tax was so it ended up being more expensive to purchase there than home in Alberta, Canada.
  7. The Cancun store is nice but it's too small for the location and the stock is either sold out or pretty much picked through, not to mention the prices/tax are a little unappealing for any vacationer from Canada or the States. I still bought an Emilie wallet while I was there (couldn't resist, especially since I went in on same day as the shipment arrival) and it's been an awesome little piece!
  8. So we went to the Cancun boutique at La Isla shopping mall last night. It was quite large compared to the UK Birmingham location that is local to me but much smaller than Bond Street. They had plenty of stock with lots of new items including hot pink, blueberry vernis, epi metal Alma's, new steamer colours, Flandrin (hope I spelt that right) and other items. They had a large men's section, shoes and RTW. The SA was very helpful. Prices comparable to US, they did tell us how to get the 8.9% tax back, will do that at the airport. I picked up the blueberry vernis key pouch/cles, not available on UK LV and not too big a hit for higher price, but a nice holiday momento. It was $7000 MX which converts to around £260 without the tax back - they are £220 on UK LV for reference. Def better to purchase in the UK based on price. Hope this info is helpful to others thinking of visiting, and thanks to everyone who contributed info for me. :smile::smile:

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  9. Congratulations! I am glad you were able to pick up a little souvenir! 😄
  10. Ooh, love the blueberry vernis cles! Congratulations on getting a great souvenir in Cancun.☀️��
  11. Love that color!
  12. I was there a couple of months ago and I thought the store was large compared to the ones I have gone to. I think there are two stores if I remember right. Lots of items that were sold out in the US but didn't think I saved that much money. Love your blueberry!
  13. ooh, it's so pretty! congrats!