LV Caissa Tote MM or Siena MM ?

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  1. #1 Jul 5, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2016
    I am petite at 5 ft , 106 lbs. I would like a lighter bag for work that has a big zip opening and would not overwhelm my petite frame. I haven't seen in person the LV Caissa Tote MM nor the Siena PM/MM. I am very intimidated entering a Louis Vuitton store so if someone could post how it looks carried and on the shoulders, it would help me decide. If it's too much to post, which would you just recommend for work. Things I put inside my purse (long wallet, eyeglasses, cellphone, sanitizer, face powder, 1 lip balm, 1 lipstick, gum, house keys, car key, gate clicker, small cologne, company fob, wipes, sephora mirror).
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  2. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467806125.640575.jpg
    It's gorgeous and can fit a lot of stuff! I suggest you try it on at the store. Don't be intimidated as you are the customer. :smile:
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  3. Siena MM is a fantastic bag! Lightweight, but you can fit lot of stuff inside! I raccomand her! :smile:
  4. For me I vote also vor Siena MM:heart:. I found it looks elegant and sporty. I don´t like the half zipper looks out of the purse on the end by the caissa tote.
  5. I vote for Sienna but wonder if the MM would be too big for you. I found it to be a nice size on me at 5'7" but my friend who is several inches shorter thought it was too big on her.
  6. yeah, that incomplete closure is kinda weird in the Caissa Tote. But I do like the big opening, you can see everything right away.
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  7. Thanks! That's what I'm worried too, if the Siena MM will be too big for my frame but the PM will be too small for daily stuff.
  8. This Caissa Tote MM looks so nice up close. Thanks for posting!
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  9. Here's another pic of Caissa Tote MM with the iPhone 6 plus folio and Daily Organizer (which is bigger than a full size wallet) for reference.
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  10. I like the opening though I use it for my umbrella or I can stick out a big water bottle if I wanted to.
  11. They are discontinuing Caissa Tote soon though.
  12. oh, then i should hurry deciding. thanks again. the 2nd photo was very helpful gauging the size.
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  13. #13 Jul 7, 2016
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    I vote for the Caissa. The Caissa Tote is gorgeous! :love: Now, I regret purchasing the Totally MM in DE over the Caissa.
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  14. I have to say that the handles on Caissa is similar to that of the Alma they are both structured bags thus both have harder canvas while Totally has flat softer strap-like one. I love Totally too because it is more comfortable on the shoulder. But Caissa is just gorgeous. :smile:
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  15. i went to Louis Vuitton store last night and yes, you are right. They do not have the Caissa Tote MM anymore. She said, they all sent all the Caissa to another location. So i was not able to compare it to the the MM Siena. Siena looks adorable though, but i did not buy it without seeing the Caissa tote yet. I will try in Bloomingdales next week if they have it.
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