LV Cadillac on eBay

  1. :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: Im feeling dizzy and sick :sick:
  2. Ewwwww, the seats look stained!!!!!
  3. How disgusting. That doesn't add "luxury" to the car..I have an Escalade myself and I'd be embarassed to drive THAT one around. :push:
  4. That is ugly.
  5. Rebecca you should "pimp" out your Escalade with an MC interior!!!

    The 6 colors are much better than the regular 33!!! :roflmfao:
  6. That Escalade should be in the "Hall of Shame Museum". :throwup: and
    If I were a cop I would issue it a ticket just because...:wtf:
  7. Police Officer: "I'm sorry sir, the reason I pulled you over was because your interior is Sofa King Ugly and it can't be seen in public... we're going to have to impound this SUV." :lol:
  8. holly molly... that's yucky!!:yucky:
  9. Oh my :wtf: ........
  10. Yep, all this goes to show you is one thing..YOU CAN'T BUY CLASS:yucky:
  11. :yucky:
    That's really ok lol.
  12. Tacky.
  13. Here's a picture of the mastermind behind this masterpiece:lol: .
    Benito Santiago,he definitely looks like the type to drive this ugly piece of crap.
    What's worse is someone has actually bid on this tacky looking piece of
    General Motors.
  14. Oh, I thought It belonged to P. Diddy.