LV Cabas vs. Mulberry Roxanne

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  1. Which would you pick and why??



    Not sure if this Roxanne is authentic, but just wanted to show what it looks like :shame:
  2. I'd definitely go with the Roxanne. It is a beautiful bag and is not copied to death like LV. The Mulberry is a much "hipper" bag. The LV makes me yawn, but that's JMO.
  3. That's not one of my favorite LV's but that Mulberry is one of my faves so I would choose it!
    That particular LV has a little less character than other, but the Mulberry has lots!
  4. Mulberry Roxy, without doubt....i find the classic LV pattern just a bit dull and sort of grannyish (just my opinion lol) now, if it was the cherry blossom version i might be persuaded otherwise...but yeh, Roxy all the way!:biggrin:
  5. is light and can be carried easily on the shoulder.
  6. Hard to decide! The LV looks more 'classic'. But the Roxanne is very nice too...
  7. I have quite a few trendy bags so though I DO want Roxanne so much, I might wait till they go on sale or I can find one cheaply on ebay. Maybe the LV would be a nice classic addition. I was thinking of throwing my McQueen skull scarf in pink/cream on it to spice it up a little :love:
  8. Yeah, why could also get some charms and make it totally your own.... x
    Chloe do a nice diamante encrusted padlock keyring...:love: :lol:

    Good luck in your search on Ebay, i'm always on there so if i spy one (Are you in the UK or elsewhere?) i will let you know x
  9. roxanne all the way! much hipper bag!
  10. Is Loren's choc. one still on ebay?
  11. you don't have to put on the red light...roxanne!
  12. No I bought it! :smile: he he I'm very excited I can't wait 'till I receive it :nuts:
  13. I was wearing my Roxanne today - I love it! It is much easier to use than I thought it would be and it has tons of room to carry my junk.
  14. The roxanne! I like LV but not too fond of the style you want.
  15. Although I like LV (love the Speedy styles), Im not a big fan of the style you chose.

    I much prefer the Roxanne. I too was considering buying one. Its roomy but not too gigantic, very trendy and looks really good in person.

    You can go to to have a look at the Roxannes (Its a luxury website which gives good pics of designer bags - interiors too)

    Hope this helps. :biggrin: