LV Cabas Piano

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  1. Ladies; I haven't had my one and only LV Cabas Piano out for a while, and I was looking for the current price on it on Eluxury, and it's not there anymore. Do any of you know whether it's been discontinued? I didn't think they discontinued anything. Maybe this means it's time for an update! Thanks.
  2. Probably just out of stock on E-Luxury. It still shows up on It's $995.00. Hope that helps.
  3. Yeah it hasn't been discoutinued, they must just be out of stock on eluxury....

    p.s. I love the cabas piano!
  4. It has not been discontinued, but last month I had an SA tell me that her store (Century City, CA) has not had Cabas Mezzo in stock since Christmas, because LV wants to promote the newer styles instead. Maybe the same thing is happening with Piano? Either way, this is a classic and popular style- I doubt it would be discontinued.
  5. I was told 6 months ago that it was going to be discontinued. I heard this from another PF member. When I asked my SA she said she had not heard anything.
  6. Cabas Piano is $995 USD.
    Cabas Mezzo is $1130 USD.

    Go to - they now show the retail price for all of the LV bags and accessories.
  7. Thank you all ladies. I appreciate your helping me out. This still makes me want to get a Noe!
  8. I hope they don't discontinue it! I think it's a great classic bag! I love mine.