LV Cabas Piano or Pewter B-bag help quick!

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  1. Which one and why? Must pick tonight - LV Cabas Piano in traditional mono (getting an excellent deal on this if I go this route) - pic is for reference only to show style, leather is still very light



    pewter Balenciaga (almost retail for this one from private seller)


    Thanks girls! You are the best :shame:
  2. I would probably go with the b-bag.. it's to die for !
  3. pewter anyday over LV!
  4. Balenciaga

    Way too many fake LVs out there.
  5. Definitely the B is so sexy!!!
  6. pewter bag. weren't those limited?
  7. Im going with the LV. And believe it or not I'm a diehard B-bag girl. It just seems the puter/metallic isnt as "wanted" as it use to be. Sorry puter B-bag girls, dont mean to offend anyone. But are you sure the LV is authentic?
  8. I own both of those bags but I haven't received amanda's pewter b bag yet. I know I'm going ot love it, but I love my cabas piano. It is the best everyday can't hurt it bag and it looks terrific. You can get a cabas piano anytime though, there will always be another great one on ebay, not so with the pewter b bag so I say you must go for the balenciaga if this is a bag you have been coveting because you won't get another chance for sure. I'll never sell mine.
  9. I say the LV as long as you're sure it's authentic. I like bbags but I don't particulary think this pewter version looks nice as other colors. I just got a Cabas Mezzo (a bit bigger version of yours) and posted a pic of how it looks in the LV forum. I'll post it here again. Perhaps you can imagine how it'll look a bit smaller w/the Piano and it'll help you to decide. I love it!

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  10. I would go with the Cabas Piano... I don't really like that Pewter color...
  11. I love LV but I would go for the B-bag.
  12. Balenciaga without question .... especially that one!!!
  13. Balenciaga! You can always get the LV later.
  14. Def the b-bag.
  15. I just noticed that you arent the only one after the same puter bag. There is also another forum member interested. Must be a really great deal. Good Luck Girls!