LV Cabas Mezzo or Batignolles Horizontal?


Scarf Addict
Jan 4, 2006
I'm torn between the LV Cabas Mezzo and the Batignolles Horizontal. I need this to be durable because I am lugging around diapers, bottles, etc. for my 7-month old. I love the look of the Cabas line, but am concerned about the leather trim. What do you think? If it gets horribly stained, can LV replace the bottom as well as the handles?
Cabas Mezzo. Classic and simple =>

The vachetta bottom scares me too but try some of the appleguard leather products, I heard they work wonders against stain. Also LV can replace the bottom too
i got an alma with a leather bottom and i am paranoid about where to put her when i am out. i do love her dearly she was my first lv love (still is) but i actually like the batignolles better especially with a baby and diapers and all that stuff. it is hard to pick though
hautemom said:
If I remember correctly, you went wth the Mezzo over the Luco. Did you consider the Batignolles? Sorry if that's been posted and I've missed it.

Hi hautemom! There's another re Batignolle, plus PSEUB is a great resource for this bag. Anyways, I think it boils down to size and the closure options. I find that hook closure to be pesky re the Batignolles. It is a great bag I think though , next on my list indeed. I mean it's a great shape, I love a boxy bag, especially for carrying around and accessing baby stuff. Plus it's a great price. I always like to think of it as just what will I get frst, since I'll probable end up with both ! ;)
I love my Batignolles. I find I can just keep the clasp closed and there's nothing so big I'm carrying that I can't just pull out on either side. (Think the bag holds its shape better with the clasp hooked.) The only other consideration if you're lugging baby gear is the interior. I don't know what the Cabas is lined with, but the Batignolle's lining is (I think) a treated canvas. If you're looking for something that has a totally waterproof or stain-resistant lining, I can't vouch for that. It was that leather bottom that initially put me off the Cabas, but some have said that they don't find it gets that dirty or stained...guess it just depends where you set the bag down. The main reason I chose the Batignolles was the size (big enough to carry a notebook and folders or a laptop) and the style. I think it's a very attractive style and get lots of compliments on the bag. It's also comfortable to carry, and not bulky at all.