LV Cabas Mazzo, Batignolle, Gucci Horsebit Hobo

  1. Any thoughts anyone? I'm feening for something fabulous! (poor spelling sorry to french members ;)
  2. I have the Batignolles Horizontal and love it. It's my workday bag.
  3. blue guccissima.jpg Nuff said!
  4. i like them all, but would lean towards the gucci. lovin the guccissima!
  5. Gotta be LV all the way!!!
  6. Thanks Ladies! I saw the tan Gucci hobo and almost fell over, I feel like I'm betraying my beloved LV but I must have that hobo!
  7. The tan one is VERY NICE! Looks very natural to.
  8. It is gorgeous, pity the price not so pretty though--Eeesh!
  9. I just saw it- it's so gorgeous!:love:
  10. i know- post pic.
  11. I like the Batignolles Horizontal!!!

    LOL!!! Sorry guys... just wanted to pull up the oldest post!

  12. I've got two out of the three Gucci and BH... i say Batignolle Horizontal out of the three... but those two bags are not my favorite. I've been considering putting them up for sale to fund the Tivoli GM.
  13. A vote for LV! :biggrin:
  14. lv lv lv :smile: