LV Cabas Mary Kate

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  1. For those who have this is this a shoulder bag? It seems kind of least for my frame (I'm about 5" tall)

  2. lol oh thanks for asking! i was wondering when i looked at in on elux a couple of days looks like it should be
  3. it is...i tried it on once.
  4. It's huge in person and chunky for my petite frame =/

    Also my mom commented that it looked like a diaper bag when I tried it on
  5. I don't know what Cabas Mary Kate's measurements are, but here is me (5'7") with Cabas Alto (20" x 14"):
  6. I finally went into the LV store and tried it on.

    It looked big on me - I took out all the paper in there and it wasn't as bad.

    I think if I had to travel a lot I might get this because I could put a laptop in liked that it was light. I might have to consider this!
  7. i want this as my next bag. i :love: it in black!
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