LV Cabas Globe Shopper

  1. Did LV ever make a matching wallet? I got the bag a while back, but I can't find it anywhere now! I guess it was LE, but I'm not sure if it's realistic to look for a wallet. Thanks!
  2. No wallet.. awesome matching shoes though ! :yes:
  3. Awww :sad: Are the shoes flats or heeled? And your picture reminds me of my new hamster. Exact same color and he loves carrots, too!
  4. They were like wedges, Habibty has a pair I believe, although it looks like her photos of her collection have been deleted (rats !).

    I looove hams, they're so cute ! Here's another favourite hamster stuffing his face photo ! :graucho:

  5. No wallet but the eBay fakers got pretty creative and made one up themselves lol.
  6. awww! I love your hamster pix ayla! so cute!
  7. They are aren't they ? Here's another. :graucho:

    hamster corn.jpg
  8. The have 2 matching shoes. Wedges and flats.
  9. And I thought we spoiled our hamster. Lol, it's soooo cute and it looks like it's having a feast!

  10. :love: OMG!! This one's the CUTEST!!! It's like a FUR BALL WITH FEET!:heart: OMG, I would have to SQUEEZE the poor little thing!! SO PRECIOUS!!:love:
  11. Yeah the flats are soooooooooooo cute they are like open sandals with the rounds logo bit ... I have only seen them in pics never on eBay
  12. yup, i got the wedges.. old pics here:smile:


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