LV Cabas club!

  1. Why don't we have a cabas club!? :wondering

    I want to see some cabas! :graucho: Cabas piano, mezzo, alto. Cabas cruise. Cabas glitter. Antigua cabas. We want to fit lots into our bags and put it over our shoulders. :party:
  2. Count me in...I got a cabas piano for Christmas! I adore it, such a nice shoulder bag and exactly the right size for me. I'll get some pics up later..:yahoo:
  3. I have a Cabas Mezzo and the taupe Cabas from the Charms line :yes:


  4. i'm in...globe cabas blue:love:

    globe shopper cabas mm.JPG
  5. Ambre Cabas PM

  6. I'm in...Cabas Piano I got for Christmas
    Cabas Piano.jpg
  7. Antigua Cabas MM:

  8. Here is a pic of my cabas piano
    cabas piano.JPG piano2.JPG
  9. Cabas Mezzo..
  10. Cabas Alto:
  11. The first Cabas Ambre: (In a group shot but you can see it)
  12. :crybaby: :crybaby: You have the exact bag I wanted, but they were out of Pandas! I hope I can get one once I go to Paris though... I got a pastilles monogram chains key ring (in Brown) instead, but the Panda i so much lovelier! I use it as a shopping bag rather than carrying it over the shoulder though, it looks to feminine if it's over the shoulder. =P
  13. [​IMG]

    My Special Order Damier Cabas:heart:
  14. Here's my Cabas Piano:

  15. :yes: Am too lazy to take a picture