exchange rejected

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  1. My first online order was for the amethyst vernis alma bb thinking i may get the chance of getting a bag made in france since my local stores all had ones made in USA. After a few days of receiving it, i thoroughly checked it and i noticed there were two very small black dots on the leather which houses the handle hardware. It was the 5th day after delivery so i went to the flagship store and asked for an exchange. The SA said it is defective. They wouldn't take it back instore and said to send it back. I called the 1866 line and sent it back. Didn't hear back from them for more than 2 wks. I called in twice and the first time they told me it was stuck at customs ( i am in canada). Second time they told me they didn't have any updates or info so they would need to call me back which no one did. Yesterday, which is 28 days from when I signed for the fedex delivery, i received a note saying that they couldn't process my exchange indicating the item is not in 'perfectly saleable condition.' They did not send me back the LV box and care card, just dumped it in a plain box with some bubble wrap. I think the individual in Canada is not experienced enough. I just meticulously checked the whole bag and noticed 2 more of these dots. Also the black stuff that seals the side of the leather are on the patent of the purse strap. I will post pics. Obviously quality control have declined or is it just bags in the US? I am waiting for midweek for the customer service rep to call me back on what they can do. I am already prepared to file a claim with my credit card company too after seeing several old threads with the same kind of situation. Thank you for hearing me vent. Let me know if it happened to you too.

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  2. What a bummer, sorry this happened. I can't see the pics to well cause material and flash. I hope everything gets resolved for you.
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    My vernis items sometimes show such small dots too. Honestly, they don't bother me. I think it's just a variation in dye or leather. Who knows, but it's tiny and barely noticeable.
    The glazing being on the actual strap is more of an issue and you're so right, quality control is rapidly declining IMO.
    However sending back its box and cards isnt right, you should contact them again and ask for them to send them back out if you want them :smile:
  4. Awww..that's too bad. Hopefully, they can resolve this. You sent it back because it was defective...of course it's not in "perfectly saleable condition"!!! Hopefully LV will make this right.
  5. It is normal for vernis to get those small black spots - my SA warned me about them. I believe they even mention it in the vernis care booklet.
    Regardless, if you aren't happy with your purchase you should have been able to return it.
    GL, let us know how it turns out :smile:
  6. Agree!!
  7. oh no this sounds horrible!! i hope everything works out for you
  8. Hope it works out for you...
    This is why I will never order online..
  9. Oh wow, the glazing on the strap is horrible. So sorry this happened!
  10. I didn't think the dots amounted to much of anything but granted that strap is awful! That's such unfortunate customer service and it's completely unacceptable for a company such as this. Keep us posted - hope they'll make this right soon!
  11. So sorry that happened to you. I am with the same situation right this moment and feel your pain. I had a bad luck with online orders, had problems with last 2 orders. Louis Vuitton did nothing to do with it because my item has heat stamped, send it right back to me in the plain box with no explanation. So I got stuck with defective item. Today, I send a second item back to them. Let's see what's going to happen next.
  12. agreed!!!
  13. They probably rejected the return because they believe the item has been used.
  14. maybe they could exchange just the strap for you?
  15. Agreed... How frustrating :sad: