lv bv strap

  1. Hi, everyone .

    I am really really new to LV. I never purchased anything myself from LV before. I was passing LV the other day and saw the BV, I tried it on but I found the strap quiet uncomfortable, like the edge is quite hard.

    Is that normal for LV strap for shoulder purses? Or it gets better after breaking in?
  2. i have the bh and i love it- those handles are more comfortable on my shoulders than the rolled ones IMO. maybe you should try on the other shoulder bags and see if there's a difference. (poppincourt haut, saleya, etc)
  3. hmm.. I havn't noticed that. They should soften up as you wear it
  4. Shoulder straps have a tendency of being uncomfortable on ppl with different body frames. You should try different bags might just be the model that doesn't wear well on you. It will soften up eventually just not to the point of being flexible.
  5. May it's new so the straps still hard?
  6. i agree w/ makeupmama and should try a few more styles on. different styles wear completely different on different people. you'd be surprised to see a style you never considered ending up to be the one you love. good luck!
  7. the straps soften up.... they did on my Petit Bucket.
  8. i had the BV and had no problem with it. my mom however, hated the straps.. so i guess it really depends on what you're use to?
  9. Ya, I remember my BH's straps had really sharp edges, but don't worry after 1-2months of usage, the edges are buffed out :yes: